Top Tips to Write Better for Business 

writing tips - write for results
 January 20, 2018   |   comments

If you write emails, reports, newsletters or blogs and you’re not getting a decent response, we can help. It’s not easy to communicate effectively, especially on the web. Here are some top tips to help you write for business so people can read it, get it and do something about it.

How to write for results

1. Choose your approach

Outline your product’s features, provide care instructions, or show how other people are using it.

2. Share one idea at a time

Breaking your content into small paragraphs keeps it easy to scan, especially for people reading on their phone.

3. One last thing

This is a good spot to share additional resources like downloadable content, available apps, or a product registration link.

4. Happy to help

Let people know how to reach you with questions, or where to go for help if they need it.

5. Writing for the Web

It’s not only humans that scan headings and images before deciding whether it’s important enough to read the full text. Search engine robots like Google and Bing also make judgements based on the structure of your writing. SEO, grammar and writing tools can really help to ensure your content is good for both humans and bots alike. We use several of these blogging tools on our career development blog – browse our articles to get a sense of how they are structured.

Small Business Skills

This is a taster of the type of short courses we often run, in response to your training requests, such as “how to write for business”. In these small business courses, we help you explore the tone or your writing, which can be especially useful when targeting your blog or newsletters to a specific audience. We also cover the essential things to think about before you click send.

If you’d like to know more about techniques, tools and plugins that can help you write better, simply request a course!