Wiki Qualification

Wiki Qualification

Come on Tuesday 13th March from 6pm to 8pm to discuss with the creator of Wiki Quals, Fred Garnett, how to create your own learning course. Who said you needed a University to do a PhD?  We explore the power of peer mentoring and learning.

How do you go about it?  We look at how to set up a Wiki Qual, discuss the “affinity partner’ and explore the journey of self-managed learning.

Note you can sign up to tickets at Eventbrite – click on the link below. All tickets are FREE.

BeBright Nursery Sydenham
10 Station Approach, London SE26 5BN, UK
venue info +4420 8695 6886

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  1. Thanks to all who came. It was so exciting to hear all the learning that people want to do. We’re going to meet on Sunday 25th March probably around 3pm at BeBright to create a learning group to support our next stages of learning. Thanks to Fred Garnett for coming up with Wiki quals and David Holloway who led the evening. I learnt so much and can’t wait to get started on my wiki qual!

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