Practical Course – The Unique Life of the Under Twos

 March 7, 2018   |   comments

Babies are fascinating and unique in their desire to make sense of the world around them. Your role is vital in supporting their learning by understanding healthy brain development, the importance of secure attachments and how to provide stimulating environments.

Practitioners will be able to look at ways of supporting babies’ individual needs.

What will I explore, do and learn?
• The wonder of babies
• Understanding babies’ brain development
• The importance of attachment and emotional development.
• Understanding and implementing the Characteristics of Effective Learning.
• Nurturing babies Communication and Language skills.
• Promoting the enabling environment for babies (indoors and outdoors).
• Why treasure baskets and heuristic play?

This is a practical course, be prepared for the unprepared, so come and have fun, whilst learning.
Your input is your output!