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Shamelessly Healthy Circles – Life Coaching – FULL COURSE

Six month Life coaching course. Once a month from January to September 2019. You can choose between Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings, at the BeBright Centre in Telegraph Hill. Follow the links to book the full discounted course or you can pay per session (at full price) if you prefer.  All options are available via the Eventbrite booking page.

“Break your beliefs, change your habits, create your new reality”

– Raphaelle Hernu 

shamelessly-healthy-circles diagram ShamelesslyHealthy Circles are about aligning your mind, body and spirit at their highest selves to be able to thrive as you face everyday’s challenges, while also keeping track of your dreams. This may seem like a massive programme but we believe little changes in your routine and the support of the group might get your there sooner than you thought.

What are ShamelesslyHealthy Circles?

  • We build a group of like-minded men & women to give each other the support & accountability they need to reach their health & wellbeing goals.
  • Even though we all have a different lifestyle, culture, body shape, physical activity, age etc., we have one thing in common: we want to live a fulfilling life. That means taking care of our physical and emotional health to be able to thrive.
  • By sharing our various experiences, we help and inspire each other to overcome obstacles and move forward.

ShamelesslyHealthy Circles are for you if:

  • You seek for more energy and wellbeing
  • You want to better define your health & wellbeing goals
  • You need support to deconstruct your health & wellbeing goals and set a doable action plan
  • You want the energy and enthusiasm that come when you feel good physically and mentally
  • You want to increase your sense of clarity of your journey ahead, gain back control on your wellbeing, and build more confidence
  • You seek to manage your priorities, reduce stress & anxiety
  • You’re willing to feel accountable to a fantastic group
  • You want to share stories with like-minded participants, and be inspired

ShamelesslyHealthy Circles are run by Raphaelle Hernu, a certified Integrative Health Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

Special Discount Offer for the full course

When you buy the 6 month pack for Shamelessly Healthy Circles, you register to this event and will automatically be enrolled in the following 5 monthly events advertised on Eventbrite (Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings depending what you registered for initially). Discounted price for the 6 sessions is £75 instead of £90.