All about Schemas – repeated behaviour in young children

child play patterns
 March 7, 2018   |   comments

Schemas are described as patterns of repeated behaviour in young children. It is important that practitioners understand the different types of schemas and respond to them to support and extend children’s learning and development.

Often when practitioners read about schemas they recognise the patterns of behaviour but have not used this terminology before to describe it and link it to child development, observation, assessment and planning.

Who Should Attend?
Childminders and Early Years Practitioners

What will I explore,do and learn?
• Different theories relating to play, learning and development and schemas and how these link to current practice
• The type of schematic behaviour you may see in a child carrying out
• How to promote and support schematic play to enhance children’s learning and development
• Ideas about how to support parents with schematic behaviour in the home learning environment.