Very good Food Hygiene Inspection at bebright nursery Brockley

BeBright Nursery in Brockley recognised for very good food hygiene standards

 March 2, 2019   |   comments

Our Brockley nursery passed our first food hygiene inspection today with flying colours! Well done to our cook and staff for keeping our kitchen in tip top condition! A 5-star rating ?

Council environmental health teams inspect kitchen cleanliness, cooking methods and food safety management. They then award a score from zero to five. BeBright Bunnies Brockley has achieved the highest possible score of 5 – rated as “Very Good”.

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We are very proud to be recognised for our high food hygiene standards and excellent food safety policy. BeBright agrees with the The Food Standards Agency, consumer organisation Which? and the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health in asserting that the display of food hygiene ratings should be mandatory.

At present, businesses in England don’t have to display the rating they’ve been awarded. Parents could be unaware of food hygiene levels when trying to choose a good nursery. If you want to know how to check food hygiene standards at a nursery, visit

Encouraging kids to eat healthy

encouraging healthy eating for kids

We are also very proud of our healthy eating strategy and agree that incorporating healthy food choices into the food hygiene ratings system would help tackle the obesity crisis.

  • In the UK, 3 in 10 children aged 2-15 years are either overweight or obese, and 1 in 6 is obese.
  • If current UK trends continue, one fifth of boys and one third of girls will be obese by 2020.
  • The estimated annual cost to NHS Lewisham is a staggering £80 million!

Lewisham has a high proportion of children identified at risk of obesity. The amount of children classed as obese entering Reception (aged 4-5 years) is significantly higher than the England average. At BeBright Bunnies we want to do our bit – by providing safe, healthy food, lots of exercise and a happy, caring nursery environment.